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• • • 2021 VOLUNTEER/CORI FORMS • • •

You must submit a volunteer form for 2021. 
Even if you filled our a form in Fall 2020, you must resubmit a form for 2020

Please complete this form and get it back to us when you register your child. Uniforms will not be handed out to your teams until the coach and all team volunteers have completed the forms.

Even if you are not coaching and are volunteering for another position (ie. Snack Shack, etc) you need to fill out a form. 

If you prefer NOT to enter your SS# on the form, please call 781-366-7856 (Ann/Admin) and we can take care of it over the phone. 

Scan or take a picture/scan your form and email it to:  egistrar.westonlittleleague@gmailcom OR mail it to us the old fashioned way to: Weston Little League, Volunteer Form, PO Box 428, Weston, MA 02493

All forms are kept confidential and are discarded (shredded) once the check is complete. 


• • Volunteers...if you receive a letter from JDP saying that you have been "flagged", don't freak out! Massachusetts is one of a few states that does it's sex offender checks by name only. So if your name is John Smith and there is an offender John Smith on the books who lives in another state - you may receive a letter stating that your name has been linked to that other offender. There are clear instructions on the letter and we can help clear your good name very easily.